December 12, 2018

Pointing your Domain

When setting up your website and email hosting on the Creative Buzz platform there will be a time where you might be asked by us to change the 'nameservers' for your domain name(s). The information in this post relates to those who manage their own Domain Name, as changes like this are handled by Creative Buzz on be-half if we manage your Domain Name.

To change your domain's Nameservers you'll need to log into your account of the registrar that you purchased the Domain from and then find the control panel for your Domain(s). If unsure how to do this, instructions would have been sent to your email address when you purchased the domain originally.


IP Address (optional)

Propagation Time

After you have changed the nameservers to the above settings you'll need to wait for the settings to propagate. This means the time for the new settings to take effect around the world. This could take anywhere between 2-48 hours. However from our experience the propagation time has take 1-4 hours typically.

How to check

How do you know when the domain has propagated? We use '' to check if the nameservers, A-Records, MX Record etc of domains has changed. The site is simple to use, type in your domain name, select the record type (i.e. NS = Nameserver) and click search.

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