February 13, 2019

Our first WordPress Plugin

It's no secret we've been using the Wordpress platform to build websites for a number of years now. After being a premier partner with Adobe Business Catalyst (BC) since 2009 we switched to Wordpress after struggling with BC's lack of customisation and new features for a number projects.

With Wordpress, the developer community was so vast, almost anything we could think of already had a plugin for it. This radically expanded our service offering to our clients. When we built the Dynamo Events website the combination of an eCommerce and Event Management website with custom fields for ticket information was unthinkable on the BC platform.

However with so many great plugins already out there we never really had a need to create our own. It was something we wanted to at least try at some point. I'm pleased to say, that some point was in the last few weeks. We've finally created our first Wordpress plugin. :)

Don't get your hopes up, it's not going revolutionise the Wordpress landscape, but it is exclusive to Creative Buzz clients only. In the coming days when you login to your Wordpress Admin page/Dashboard you'll see a nicely styled login page with the Creative Buzz branding. We've also included Google reCaptcha to help reduce spam logins.
Creative Buzz - Blog - Wordpress Plugin - Login page example
Once you login into your account you'll then see a new box on your Wordpress Dashboard page on the right-hand side. This new box lists our contact details, social media links and a quick and easy way to sign up to the Creative Buzz newsletter list.
Creative Buzz - Blog - Wordpress Plugin - Dashboard page example
So like I said, not groundbreaking, but it's a start. With more ideas to add to the this plugin in the future I'm sure it will keep evolving. If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see added to the Creative Buzz plugin please write them in the comments section below.

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