February 6, 2019

New Year Website Checklist

Now that we're well into the new year we thought it would be useful to mention a few tasks to help with keeping your website looking great, up-to-date and safe. We’ve put together the below checklist to assist with the upkeep of your website.

* This is a working file, it will be updated often with new & revised information. If you have any suggestions or questions about the information, let us know in the comments section below.

Daily Checklist

  • Check your website is working. You can use a plugin or software that monitors your website and notifies you if it’s down
  • Run a Backup of your website. Perform a weekly or daily backup of your website files and database, either manually or automate it with a plugin
  • Run daily security checks. Use a website security monitoring service to email you a daily report

Weekly/Monthly Checklist

  • Visual inspection of your website. Check for any problems with page layout or formatting, and try to use a few different browsers and devices like tablets and phones
  • Update. Check for theme, plugins and other software updates, and install the latest versions. Make sure you backup your site before updating incase anything goes wrong
  • Check website speed. Use Pingdom to test website speed and fix any issues
  • Review website statistics. Log into Google Analytics and review trends, referrals and page-flow. Consider how to use this information to better utilise the traffic coming to your site
  • Review SEO Analytics. Tweak title, description tags and page content to re-target keywords
  • Fix any broken links. These can be found using Google Webmaster Tools and by inspecting your website
  • Write. Publish one blog post OR put time into new content development for your website weekly
  • Test. Submit your webforms and make sure they function correctly
  • Check your Website Backups. Make sure your backups are working, and can run a restore if/when needed

Yearly Checklist

  • Time. Update any time reference (..20 years ago..) and update the copyright in the footer of your website.
  • Review. Go through each page on your website and check for consistency (fonts, photo sizes, grammar & text) and make sure the content is still relevant
  • Domain Name & Hosting. Review your website Domain Name(s) and expiration, if you don’t renew your Domain or Hosting services your website and email will go down

About the author

Aaron has extensive knowledge in website design and development with over 12 years of industry experience. Aaron is our go-to guy for all things web. When he's not buried deep in code or designing, he can be found gaming on the PlayStation or working on his growing Bonsai collection.
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